Just Peachy Inspo Photos

Interior 1
Interior 3
Interior 2
Menu 1
Menu 3
Menu 4
Menu 2
Seating 3
Seating 4
Seating 1
Seating 2
Sign 2
Sign 1
Sign 4
Sign 3
Store Front 4
Store Front 1
Store Front 3
Store Front 2

I already had an idea for what I wanted to do for my Just Peachy Brand. My design process for Just Peachy was researching trendy looking cafes and shops on Pinterest and Tumblr. After gathering the images for the image collection, I had a plan set for Just Peachy.

I like the look of modern and simplistic design elements, so that’s what I went for. The color scheme for the branding material was peach, black and white. The point of using black and white was to allow the peach to stand out and be the only pop of color. The fonts I used throughout the branding material were also simplistic and modern. The 2-3 fonts I used together flowed together and didn’t make the pieces look too busy.