AD Inspo - Repetition & Alignment

I was searching through the Food Network magazine and came across an ad for Purina Beneful dog food. I know it is odd that this ad of all ads caught my attention in a Food Network magazine but let me tell you, it is a good one. The ad (pictured below) features a dog and its owner with a photo of the Purina Beneful dog food to the right along with the benefits for the dog and other information at the bottom. The item that caught my attention was the top text which has a black script print font contrasted with the text "INGREDIENTS" made up out of the ingredients that are in the Purina Beneful food. I though that was a very unique and creative way to use repetition. The rest of the ad uses center alignment that draws your eyes to the center. The colors used on the dog food bag are repeated throughout the ad and even can be seen in the photo of the dog and its owner.

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