Color Analysis


Apple follows their simple modern branding all across the board and packaging is surely not left out of that. Their branding is simple, modern and makes you feel like with their products, you can accomplish anything. The color scheme for all the branding and products is white, black and metal colors which makes everything feel expensive (which they are) and luxurious.



Louis Vuitton has recently started a bit of a rebrand with the addition of orange. As a luxury product, their market is highly targeted and their products, logo and packaging are unmistakable. So the addition of the orange to their branding color scheme is huge for them and I feel as if they are trying to appeal to a younger audience.



McDonalds, do I even need to say more? You immediately see the yellow and red that we have seen for what seems like forever. These contrasting colors are a very appealing pair and are followed in a large majority of the packaging for McDonald’s. The colors evoke a sense of excitement and happiness which is what McDonald‘s tries to bring to their consumers.

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