Color Symbolism


Yellow in this photo symbolizes happiness and warmth. The feeling of joy when receiving my favorite flowers and the similarity of the rays from the sun brings warmth.

Yellow in this photo represents appetite and happiness. Bananas are healthy and nutritious for you which should spark your interest for both eating and the satisfaction afterward.



Blue in this photo represents the beautiful tranquil place that is the ocean. I’m not sure if it evokes the same feeling of tranquility and peace as it does for me, for some people. The ocean is the most beautiful and peaceful place to just sit and listen to the waves crashing.

Blue represents tranquility and openness in this photo. It evokes the feeling of how clean a breath of fresh air feels in the lungs. It also evokes feelings of cool air because of the appearance of the snow on the mountains that are also blue.



Green represents the feelings of nature and life in this photo. As it is quickly turning into the winter season here in Taos, everything is brown and dead except for the small pops of color that the evergreens give us. This is the only greenery left in my yard, and one will be making it into the living room soon for Christmas!

Green represents clean, organic and soothing. The packaging features various nature graphics such as flowers and butterflies. The graphics and color evoke a sense of calm and soothing because who doesn’t like nice smelling clean clothes?

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