Nature has been the biggest inspiration for me lately. Due to COVID, I was put on furlough and moved back home to Taos, NM from Albuquerque, NM. Being in the city, I was not around nature nearly as much as I am now so it has become my favorite thing. In the summer there were pretty colorful flowers contrasting with the greenery around. Now as it's fall turning into winter I see more yellows, reds and oranges contrasting with the blue sky and mountains. My favorite time of the year is fall because it seems to be the most vibrant and colorful. Thanks to this class, I have been able to tap into my creative side on paper and canvas, rather than just doing my usual digital designing. I have invested in a small collection of art supplies and I can't wait to go back to Michael's to buy some more (I'm resisting the urge to online shop).

Here is my small art collection:

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