Nature Walk 🌲

My nature walk was around my house. I figured it would suffice because of all the interesting things around the property. We have a lot of different trees that my dad has planted around the house and property lines that have such cool texture and lines (one happens to be an evergreen that I love, so I had to capture its beauty). I also looked around at the wood pile we have and tried to see the rings of the tree but the way it was cut, disturbed the lines. There is also an abundance of leaves around the yard that were fun to look at. My last find of the day was a little weed that I plucked out because it had the coolest pattern and I had to hold it up to the blank canvas of the blue sky to see the details you would otherwise miss. There is a lot of unique patterns, colors, lines and textures that you can overlook, so this was a fun experience to go on a field trip in my back yard!

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