Photography - Composition Rules ✨

As you can see, I genuinely enjoy photography so I went a bit overboard. All photos were taken on an IPhone XS Max and edited in Adobe Lightroom. Enjoy.

(The photos are on a slider. There is an arrow on the right side to click to the next photo in the set.)

The first photo breaks the rule of “Framing”. The leaves are too much in the foreground and in the background that the person (me) gets lost and is no longer the focal point being framed. In the second image, the person is the focal point in the center and being framed out by the leaves.


This photo breaks the rule of ”Balance” and ”Framing”. There is not distinct focal point or balance in the photo along with not framing anything because the camera was focus on the fence instead of the scenery in the background. In the second image, these are both fixed because the focal point is in the center and not blurry, there is balance, and as a bonus there is use of lines.


The rules that were broken are “Merging“, ”Simplicity” and ”Rule of thirds”. The background is too busy, there are trees growing out of the record and the placement isn’t great. The rules in the second image are fixed by eliminating the busy background and replacing it with the sky along with placing it in the bottom left as the focal area.


This photo breaks the rules of “Lines“. The photo is a bit distracting because there are a few set of lines leading no where in both the foreground and background and they do not align with the lines of the red planter. The photo is fixed by cropping out the foreground lines, lining up the red planter with the edge of the photo and the background lines.


The first photo breaks the rule of “Simplicity” and “Mergers”. The focal point is supposed to be the tree but it has a busy background and that the you are confused at what is the focal point. In the second image, this is corrected with a change of angle so that the background is now the sky and you can clearly see the tree (focal point).

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