What inspires me...💫

I am inspired by pretty things. I love the aesthetic that these artists/creators have and I have fallen in love with neutral themes because of them. Digital hand lettering or calligraphy is another thing that these artists all have in common and what has been a driving me to experiment with it as well. Journaling is a new thing to me as well and two of the creators from above make the absolute perfect bullet journals. They use vintage book pages, stickers, stamps, real flowers, cute tape and so much more. Seeing character creations is another thing that inspires me because I never thought I would be talented enough to create an actual character but I have recently created three holiday characters thanks to one of the artists above.

People creating beautiful things inspires me to put out my own beautiful content for others to (hopefully) enjoy as much as I enjoy creating it. 😊💛

CREDIT (Instagram Handles): @katybellottedesigns (journal & floral flat lay)

@ktscanvases (floral and mushroom and animal)

@nyxarts_ (journaling layout)

@brushandbarley (grace)


Some things I have created in my free time after being inspired by the people above and others!

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